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A European adventure: the OCEAN Exhibition is in Lisbon!

After 3 venues in France, in La Rochelle in February, Toulouse in April and Dunkirk in May, gathering thousands of visitors, the OCEAN Exhibition has sailed to Lisbon!

This stage is the culmination of an itinerary of almost six months, within the unique momemtum instilled by the French Presidency of the European Union. During this time, French and European maritime ambitions will have been presented and promoted to the public, raising awareness of the importance of our common heritage.

Visit from now on the OCEAN Exhibition at the Museu de Marinha in Belém, Lisbon, until July 10. This stepover is part of the programme of the France-Portugal Season 2022 and takes place as Lisbon is hosting the United Nations Ocean Conference 2022. Queen of the Seas », dans le cadre de la Saison France-Portugal 2022 et de la Conférence des Nations Unies sur l’Océan.

Further details are available in the press release, in English at the bottom of the page.